Jul 18


It’s strange to think that digital computing, despite being the new kid on the block science-wise, has entered the phase where¬†all of its original creators are now dying of old age.

I wonder how the cultural perception of, say, a PC changes when there’s no longer anyone left alive who was involved in creating the first cut? When the knowledge is handed down, taught in schools rather than peer-reviewed, when all the artifacts are ubiquitous and mass produced rather than unique and hand-assembled in a garage somewhere. There’s no “personal” ownership the concepts, they just exist and the current stewards refine them.

(Of course, in some respects this has been going on much longer than you might think - even our nerd elders where nerding on the shoulders of giants. Just another iteration.)

We are the road crew.

We are the road crew.

Jul 15


Hehehehe. “Scopes”.

Jul 11

Garden path.

Today I have mainly been led up the garden path. (Figuratively, obviously.) But that’s ok, because I’ve discovered Monument Valley (a hallucinogenic Escher nightmare isometric puzzle game on my iPhone) and everything is alright.

A hallucinogenic? Or *AN* hallucinogenic? The whole way we treat leading H’s in English seems to be shifting. I swear it’s either disappearing it becoming a vowel. I blame those people who call herbs “‘erbs”.

Seriously, death is too good for ‘em.

Jul 08


Somehow it completely escaped my notice that Pink Floyd are releasing a new record in October. Apparently it’s the instrumental stuff that they recorded alongside The Division Bell, but Dave’s gone back and recorded some singing.

Now I’m all for new Pink Floyd on general terms, but I’m not sure one last album of stuff that’s inferior* to The Division Bell is the way to go out. Although, technically, finishing on high would probably mean going back in time and stopping talking sense into Roger Waters before The Final Cut. So that’s not gonna happen.

Still. Skeptical.

* - inferred, cos if it was good they’d have released it instead, right?

Watch Miley Cyrus's video collaboration with the Flaming Lips | Music | theguardian.com -

Posting to remind myself to watch later, just because I’ve learned the hard way not to watch Flaming Lips related stuff in the workplace.

Jul 07


Invoking Parliament's past to decide its digital future (Wired UK) -

Given I’ve had a bit of a view from the inside I’m of the opinion that the UK Parliament is (sometimes) quite forward thinking when it comes to technology. It’ll certainly be interesting to see what comes out of the commission.

Jul 06

One day the Turnham Green Chinese takeaway will get their sign fixed and I will be sad.

One day the Turnham Green Chinese takeaway will get their sign fixed and I will be sad.