Life logging.
(An experiment.)

Life logging.
(An experiment.)

I work from home a lot. In space no one can hear you scream. At home no-one can watch you biscuit. Help.

At the time of writing (Dec 2018), with no big running event to train for and the dark nights forcing us into the warm embrace of wine and crisps, I’m finding my weight creeping up and up. (My wife is far too lovely to comment on my increasingly prodigious bulk.)

I need a little bit of public humiliation to keep me on the straight and narrow. There was an early version of the RunKeeper app that used to almost force you to share your achievements on social media. In the end I set up @neilsbeergut just so I didn’t accidentally fat thumb myself into admitting I could only run 2km in about 15 minutes to everyone I knew. That didn’t last long, but I’ve just reactivated the account and set anything that can share (Fitbit, Feedly, Instagram, whatever) to share it there. It’s a cobweb of IFTTT applets and lies, but if you ever wanted documentary proof of how little sleep I get or what percentage of me is made of pure lard... well here it is...

Horrifying, innit?

Posted Friday, December 14, 2018.

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Singing in the rain...

Further testing

Field test

The future of Future Sound Of Disco.


New track: Heat Ray



2K18 -> 2K19

Studio clearout

Looptron is a sort of electronic music type thing that happens sometimes.

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Looptron is a sort of electronic music type thing that happens sometimes.

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End of days for Daredevil
Marvel and Netflix have rammed the billy club of cancellation through Daredevil’s skull. This is no bad thing.

Acton Stations
Made a little timelapse film using my iPhone and the top deck of a surprisingly empty 207 bus from Shepherd's Bush to Acton. I'm teaching myself Final Cut Pro using my typical "learn by doing” method. As such, I have discovered my default approach to editing video is the same as playing the guitar. USE ALL THE PLUGINS.

Anti-social networking
Sell your eyeballs direct!

Radioactive Love (Rig Mk2 Demo)
New(ish) song, first successful(ish) run through on a rainy Tuesday lunchtime. Ableton is doing patch switching in Guitar Rig AND the loop triggers as part of the scene changes so only one pedal is required to drive this. It's the future people. 

Planned Obsolescence
FFS. Google have now started putting banners in Inbox (my mail app of choice) to remind everyone that they're killing Inbox next March, something I'd be studiously ignoring since they announced it back in September. I actually wish they hadn’t told me at all because my OCD will be spending the next 6 months evaluating Inbox replacements and rebuilding my "workflow" in them (which mainly consists of repeatedly snoozing mails until I HAVE to deal with them) before I inevitably give up and just revert to using Gmail like they want me to. 

Twenty years ago today.
It had been fifteen years seen the hero beat up his father so badly the old man died from his wounds. Fifteen years since we watched a group of terrorists enlist the help of the Care Bears to slaughter thousands of unwitting civil servants and proceed to overthrow the closest thing to a strong and stable government the galaxy had seen in millenia.

Radium Age Blues
I have scaled back my web presence a bit to just here and FSOD. I was becoming somewhat de-focused and this was in turn causing me to purchase nostalgia t-shirts. Got a new tune in the pipeline. Mondo guitar noises. Radium Age Blues. Watching the government collapse is proving lightly distracting though.

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